Eager catalysts in Hospitality and Real Estate Investments, Cornerstone Partners is a contemporary hospitality investment firm that actively focuses on acquisitions and developments of strategic ventures. We pride ourselves in driving and enhancing the right investments with tailor-made strategies to our clients and stakeholders alike.


At Cornerstone Partners, we strive to ensure profitable and evolving ventures through our years of experience and strong values by partaking in both acquisitions of existing hospitality assets as well as developments of new undertakings. In pursuit of our goals, the exquisite expertise of internationally renowned hospitality brands is implemented to our projects, set against the strategic alliances forged with the illustrious hoteliers. All this, while ensuring our knowledge, passion and analytical approach remain at the core of the investments.

Cornerstone Partners vigorously examines and evaluates the viability and feasibility of projects with a trustworthy strategic investment framework backed by empirical data & market intelligence where exceptional hospitality products are paired with environments such products will thrive in.

With Regional Offices in Taiwan and Malaysia, we extend our expertise worldwide with a strong footprint in the Hospitality and Real Estate Investment industries.


Cornerstone Partners believes in providing the best service available, catering clients with unrivalled attention and detail with customized strategies

Empower all stakeholders through the establishment of reputable business values.

Consistently adopt a 360˚ view and fully integrate sustainable research within a rigorous financial analysis framework for an optimized investment approach

Create and sustain client partnerships by delivering unique investment insights and personalized client servicing.

Attract, develop and retain the best professionals where each employee shares our holistic commitment to our culture and values.

To revolutionize ventures globally, en route to the forefront of the hospitality investment industry through realizing the optimal values of our assets, ensuring sustainable returns to our shareholders.


Unlike any other, Cornerstone Partners exists to drive and enhance the right investments for rewarding benefits to all stakeholders.


Commitment to Client

We stand committed to our clients, pledging to deliver outstanding services through our client-centric approach while ensuring fully aligned interests.



Ethics remain the core of our existence, we vow to serve with honour in our work and conduct


Excellence and Innovation

We aspire for excellence in all our undertakings and guarantee each investment is managed with careful considerations. We also cultivate creativity and avant-garde opinions to develop outstanding results in a complementary culture



We greatly value diversity and the various perceptions it formulates. Respectful challenges through critical thinking and justified opinions within the firm cultivate our advisory.



Cornerstone Partners advocates an integrated working culture with diversified individuals where each team member’s knowledge, passion, experience and approach are appreciated, culminating to greater contributions.

Sustainability and Research


We integrate uncompromising financial analysis with our research demands to provide enduring sustainability and deliver exceptional investment outcomes.



With an independent broad-based, employee-owned partnership employed as our business model, Cornerstone Partners strives to continually progress with our clients’ interest at the forefront.

Responsible Citizenship


We pledge to place emphasis in our responsibilities to the communities, countries, and places we work for. We also encourage our employees to fulfil their social responsibilities and engage as change agents to stand against social, economic, and environmental violations.